'); AJ Arroyo

AJ Arroyo


Performance Plus has not only changed the way I view the game of baseball, but also changed the way I view myself as a baseball player. I moved from Boise Idaho to Chandler Arizona for two months in order to maximize my playing potential and take my game to the next level. The coaches at Performance Plus put me on a program to specifically do just this. The program was 6 days a week that focused on defense and hitting which was complimented by a custom designed strength and speed program. This work all came together and was supported by the mental toughness training – this was the most important part of my work with Performance Plus. Two – three times a week I would meet with the mental performance coach which resulted in a mental plan that works specifically for me. This plan has already led me to believe in myself with full confidence that has been instilled in me by all the Performance plus coaches and most importantly MYSELF. Every workout, every task, every practice, is now approached and executed with a purpose and the results are outstanding. I have gained 15 solid pounds in 2 months while increasing my speed, hitting and defensive ability, as well as the having the right mind set to put me in the best position to be successful. Coming to Performance Plus has changed me as a player and as a person. I am grateful for the assistance Performance Plus provided in helping me secure a place to continue my education and play baseball. I am committed to Performance Plus for all training and development that I pursue on my own.

AJ Arroyo came to Performance Plus with specific goals in mind after two collegiate baseball seasons. One at Ecclessia College, and the second at Yakima Valley Community College. He had two very different years – the first very successful in every way, while the second season was a real challenge. He wanted to change – he wanted to improve. AJ will now be attending Arizona Christian University as student- athlete playing baseball.