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“After 15 years of gymnastics training, it seemed as though I should have my skills mastered and be able to deliver at competitions on demand. As I progressed in my physical abilities, however, I realized that the mental – focus side of high level athletics can often be even more demanding. Coach Jay at Performance Plus helped me to channel my focus and create a mental strategy that allowed me to execute the physical skills I trained so hard for – when it counted – when the judges were watching. I credit Performance Plus and Coach Jay for helping me take my gymnastics career to the next level. As I get ready to realize a longstanding dream of being a collegiate student-athlete – I know that years of hard work were required. More importantly, however, were blessings from God and the belief and dedication of my coaches at Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics and Performance Plus to fulfill my dream. Without your coaching, mentorship, and belief in me, I would have never reached my potential. Thank You!”

Kamryn Bayer will be a senior at Gilbert High School and is a member of the Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics Team. During the Winter – Spring Season of 2014 she worked with Performance Plus to develop her mental strength and toughness strategy and action plan that enabled her to perform at a consistently higher level. In the latter part of her season she raised her All Around Score from 34.00 to 37.00. An improvement of 3.00 pints is a rare and significant positive move! Kam has accepted a full-ride athletic scholarship at Southern Utah University where she will continue to compete in gymnastics a student-athlete.