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The Dream Facility

Posted 28 Apr 2016 in Hitting Tips

Right now my training schedule is ridiculous. I go to my high school to work with my hitting coach (who, by the way, is also the science teacher). Then I drive to the other side of town to do a personal training session with someone who doesn’t even know what a 3-1 count is. AND THEN I end the day by having a web meeting with a sports psychologist who has never even seen me play! How cool would it be if there was a place where I could work on my swing, my pitching, throw weights around, and develop my mental toughness? Look no further. There is one! We’re called Performance Plus. If you looked up one-stop shop...

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Connecting Your Mind To Your Muscles

Posted 25 Apr 2016 in Hitting Tips
Mind Muscle

A lot of people think strength training is mindless. You pick things up, you put them down, you push, you pull, but you don’t really have to think about anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you don’t focus on the muscles you’re training, you end up going through the motions and that prevents you from realizing your full potential. The mind and body must work together if you want to see life-changing (and game-changing) results. For instance, when people bench press, they tend to just let gravity bring the barbell down to their chest. That is a prime example of going through the motions! Every moment you’re lifting, you should be thinking about maintaining constant flexion. Gravity...

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In-Season Training

Posted 18 Apr 2016 in Hitting Tips

Did you know it only takes 2-4 weeks to de-train your body and lessen your skillset? In only 336 hours, your strength, conditioning, and technique can atrophy. We see athletes who choose not to train during their competitive seasons and it frustrates us! Not participating in some form of in-season training is counter-productive. Why would you allow your skills and strength to deteriorate when you need them most?! Now, obviously you shouldn’t be testing your squat max the day before a game, but in-season training is a must. Athletes give us all kinds of reasons why they can’t train during the season, but most of the reasons turn out to be myths. THE MYTHS I don’t need to train...

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Don’t Let Your Stomach Ruin Your Training!

Posted 14 Apr 2016 in Hitting Tips

Everybody knows what foods are healthy and what foods aren’t, but how much do you know about food outside of that? Do you know the importance of timing your nutritional intake to align with your schedule at work or in the gym? Do you know the way in which different foods function to fuel your body? If you’re serious about your health and fitness, it’s critical to be well informed about nutrition. It’s common knowledge that you should eat before you train, but how much time should you give your body to digest before you hit the gym? The answer is about 90 minutes. If you don’t allow your body enough time to digest, you’ll effectively waste your workout....

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WARRIOR Workouts

Posted 11 Apr 2016 in Hitting Tips
Warrior Workout

The word “warrior” comes from the 15th century French word werreior.  The ancient French used the word werreior to describe soldiers who “frequently lifted drop sets to failure” and “knew between 30-35 different bicep exercises.” Ok… so that might not be the actual meaning of the word “warrior,” but it is what the word means at Performance Plus! Every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM, Performance Plus has a WARRIOR Workout! These workouts are designed to build muscle and instill participants with a warrior’s mentality. WARRIOR Workouts are not for the faint of heart. We can guarantee that at some point during the workout you will want to quit. But we can also guarantee once you complete the WARRIOR workout...

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Skill VS. Strength in Baseball

Posted 07 Apr 2016 in Hitting Tips
Skill vs strength

The skill vs. strength debate has been going on since the beginning of time–David vs. Goliath, brain vs. brawn, technique vs. power. The argument has been raging for centuries, but today Performance Plus is going to settle the argument. The truth is skill vs. strength is a useless argument, because to be an elite athlete you need skill and strength. For example, in baseball, you can have the best swing in the world but if there’s no strength behind it, the ball is not going anywhere For many reasons, high school baseball and softball players struggle to understand they need to be in the weightroom. But if you look at any of the best hitters in baseball today–Bryce Harper, Jose...

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Perfect Performance | Mental Toughness

Posted 04 Apr 2016 in Hitting Tips
Planets Align (1)

We’ve all had times where we’ve performed perfectly, times when it seems like the planets align and nothing can go wrong. For some of us these moments only last a single swing, a single catch, or a single shot. For others, these perfect performances last a whole game, or a whole season (just take a look at Steph Curry’s current streak). A lot of people feel that their perfect performances occur at random. They can never quite put their finger on what caused it. Was it because they practiced more? Was it because of what they ate? Did it have something to do with their opponent? Was it, in fact, the planets aligning?! I can’t tell you what caused...

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