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Posted 05 May 2016 in Hitting Tips

What is the purpose of setting goals?

A lot of people pigeon-hole goal setting as a simple motivational tool. And while it is a crucial part of self-motivation, it’s silly to limit goal setting to such a narrow definition.

Goals can be used before a season to help clarify what you want to achieve, but they can also be used during competition to help keep your mind—and body—focused. The key to understanding how goals can be used to help you during competition is to understand the difference between outcome goals and process goals.

Outcome goals are what people generally think of when they think of goals. Outcome goals are big picture objectives like, “I am going to hit 15 home runs this season,” or, “I am going to make the all-state team this season.” Outcome goals are important, but they’re only half of the equation. The other half of the equation is made up of process goals. Process goals are smaller, more specific goals that must be accomplished if you want to achieve the larger outcome goal.

So let’s run through an example so you can see how the goals relate to each other, and how you can utilize them to perform at a higher level.

Outcome Goal

  • I am going to complete 65% of my passes this season

Process Goals

  • ­I am going to properly time all of my 3 step, 5 step, and 7 step dropbacks
  • I am going to step into every throw
  • I am going to know the playbook forwards and backwards

Completing 65% of passes is an admirable goal, but if a quarterback is in the middle of a game, they can’t be thinking about their completion percentage. They need to be thinking about the things they have to do to throw accurately. If a passer is in a rut, it wouldn’t be very helpful for them to think to themselves, “I need to complete 65% of my passes!” but it would be helpful for them to think, “Time your dropback, and step into the throw.”

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