'); P2 Warrior Academy

P2 Warrior Academy

If you’re an athlete, your body needs to be a finely tuned instrument. No matter what sport you play, it’s important to be more explosive and better conditioned than your opponent.

Strength and conditioning programs also play a critical role in developing an athlete’s confidence and mental toughness. At Performance Plus, we are experts at safely pushing athletes to their absolute limits

– Open, hour long sessions at 5PM and 6PM on Tuesday, and 10AM and 11AM on Saturday
– Intense group training
– Mental strategies designed to increase confidence and focus
– Advanced instruction formulated to increase strength, conditioning, and athletic explosiveness

The P2 WARRIOR Academy provides convenient group training on your schedule. The monthly fee gives you access to 4 hours of training per week! No matter your age, sport, or skill level, Coach Joe can help you get bigger, stronger, faster, and tougher.



$150 per month