We want to perform at a high level, whether that is in a performing art, business, sports, or life in general. However, we often get drawn into experiences that undermine the pursuit of high performance because we lack a crucial piece of the puzzle. Ask yourself: 


Do you find yourself caught in the trap of jumping from one task to another never getting anything done? 


Do you ever find yourself daydreaming, distracted, and with little to no focus?


Do you ever experience a lack of direction or clarity in how you go about your day?

Performance Plus can help you overcome these barriers by developing and training your mental strength, also known as mental toughness.

What is Mental Strength?

The terms mental strength and mental toughness are used interchangeably. At Performance Plus our “working definition” of mental strength includes multiple factors, including:

    • The ability to maintain focus and perform effectively in the midst of adversity
    • While experiencing the pressure that commonly accompanies adversity, one is able to think positively, non-defensively, realistically, and most importantly, to do so with a heightened sense of clarity and calmness

How Do I Develop My Mental Strength?

Mental strength is a skill, a quality, and a characteristic that can be developed and trained uniquely to every individual. The same is true for every team and organization. We teach the general principles, strategies, and tactics that are available to develop mental strength. The adoption, integration, and execution of these principles work best when the individual makes them their own through a customized approach.

At Performance Plus we do not use a “one size fits all” or a step 1-10 method to mental strength development and training. We work to enable you to cultivate a lifelong learning approach while also building your “mental strength toolkit.” This toolkit includes strategies and tactics that are applicable to any situation or circumstance.

A Wholistic Approach

There are multiple elements or factors that play a part in high performance in addition to mental strength. At Performance Plus we use a four-dimensional model for identifying, understanding and addressing all factors.  The four dimensions are:









What are the Characteristics of High Performers?

High performers look at the world differently. They know time and energy is precious and are willing to invest intelligent amounts of both in a precise, disciplined way to minimize the risk of a misstep and maximize return on investment.

High performers look for windows of opportunity over the course of their day whether they be working at their desk, driving to the gym, stuck in a meeting, or in the midst of competition. They are able to recognize and seize the opportunity to reset those things that negatively impact their performance.

What Results Can I Expect?


Increased resilience and the ability to bounce back or deal effectively with adversity 


The core, inner motivation to do your best, regardless of the situation


The ability to stay focused on the task at hand during important situations and circumstances


The ability to remain poised under pressure during competition

Are You Ready?