Become The Leader that Makes a Difference

A lot of managers say they want to be leaders who make a difference but struggle with how to do it. Continuous learning and development that is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence are required. But how do you put that all together with a laser-like focus that produces a real difference for those you serve, you work or play with, or your family? Learn a proven framework that can do just that for you. Becoming a leader who makes a difference by developing YOUR unique leadership understanding that is actionable.


Learn the driving principles of leadership that make a difference

    • Continuous Growth, Development and Learning Process is Required
    • “Failure” Isn’t to be Avoided – It is Necessary
    • A Collaborative Growth Mindset is Essential

How to use the Framework for Leadership Understanding and Action to develop and design YOUR LEADERSHIP approach, including:

    • Leadership Philosophy
    • Leader and the Individual
    • Leader and the Team
    • Leader and the Organization
    • Leader and the External Environment

Grow beyond the transactional leadership level in order to make a difference as a truly transformational leader by learning these principles and concepts:

    • Discover a HEART POSTURE that values human BEINGS for who they truly are
    • Who you become forever and always trumps what you achieve
      Transformational leaders have nothing to prove, only LOVE to give
    • As a transformational leader discover that:
      • What you say matters
      • What you do matters
      • How you do it matters even more

How Do We Find More Success in the Work That We Do Given the Challenges We Face?

In an environment that can be described as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, or like Permanent Whitewater, certain questions like the following consistently arise :

    • How can we break down silos and become more collaborative or innovative?
    • How do we reconnect with our customers?
    • How can we –
      • Become more agile?
      • Accelerate our decision making?
      • Embed an obsession for continuous learning and improvement throughout the organization?
    • How do we gain performance improvements, such as –
      • A sustained increase in revenues?
      • Consistent increases in efficiencies and effectiveness
      • Ongoing lowering of expenses?
      • Any combination of these that positively impact the top, middle or bottom line?

The art and science of high performance shed light and point in the direction of sustained success in the face of significant challenges.


Learn, understand and gain actionable insight into the nature of the challenges we face in the 4th Industrial Revolution, also known as:

    • The Age of Urgency, and
    • The Speed of Digital

Imagine what navigating through permanent whitewater and facing the circling sharks of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. What does it take to make sense of this for yourself, your team, your organization as well as your stakeholders?

Let’s look below the surface at high performance, specifically in organizations.

High performance is succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long-term. There are five qualities of a high-performance organization:

    • Commitment to Excellence
    • A Clearly Stated Purpose and Desired Results
    • An Effective Change Management Processes
    • Communication that is Open and Multi-Directional, and
    • A Culture of Continuous Learning