What Others Are Saying

Strong variable contributing to positive change…

“The ‘Advanced Leadership’ training you provided to our gaming organization was exceptional!  The influence on our work culture has been powerful.  Directors, Managers, and Supervisors are becoming leaders.  By enabling managers to interface more effectively with their employees, more employees are remaining at our organization.  Your sessions have been a strong variable contributing to this positive change.”

Native American Gaming Enterprise, Training Director

Focus, purpose, and effectiveness…

“Our exercises with regard to personal coaching have been extremely helpful to me in focus, purpose, and effectiveness.  I have been able to extend similar exploration and educational experiences on behalf of several others in my organization.”

Hospital and Health System, Medical Director

Motivate people to “own” the business…

“…the leadership and organizational development approach which you promote is on target in terms of the best way to motivate people and get them to “own” the business and pull together towards common goals.  The training you provided and the efforts we made to implement that approach have definitely stretched and shaped my thinking in a positive way.  I will carry those values with me … they will make me a better performer as a result.”

Managed Care Executive

Presentation evoked discussion…

“Your presentation on the role of a board member was appropriate and evoked discussion that educated our newest board members and energized others.  The information was current and enlightening to all of us as leaders. We appreciate your contribution to making our board retreat successful.”

Physician Network, Executive Director

Outcomes are consistently excellent…

“Dr. Jay Roundy designed and facilitated our Small Business Summit meetings for Fortune 500 participants and the outcomes are consistently excellent.”

Business – Entrepreneurial Magazine, Editor in Chief

The depth of understanding organization theory and practice…

“Dr. Jay Roundy’s approach to working with a client begins with a desire to understand the client’s challenges and work with the organization in the development of a strategy and plan.  Jay works with an organization without pre-judgment, respecting and collaborating with the individuals they are assisting.  A key competency is the depth of understanding organization theory and practice, coupled with effective delivery.”

Health System, President/CEO

Understand my vision and business objectives…

“The Alignment by Selection program is helping me hire the right people for specific positions as well as people who truly understand my vision and business objectives.  It is a comprehensive, carefully crafted system that will allow us to find the right people – our most important asset.”

Music as a Medium for Business Improvement Organization, President

Impact of change in the new economy…

“In the emerging economy where the intangible is becoming tangible, Dr. Jay Roundy is the facilitative agent for our business.   Jay is no stranger to our staff and a key asset in illustrating the impact of change in the new economy.  I would recommend any organization making Jay an instrumental part of their sales, marketing, organizational improvement, and performance engineering improvement strategy.”

Virtual Reality Training Business, Chairman and CEO

Re-evaluated our mission, vision and values…

“Time was limited and we knew we had a difficult task ahead of us: As Senior Leaders, we needed to re-evaluate our mission, vision, and values, and distill recent employee survey information into a manageable number of high-level action plans. With Jay’s facilitation and guidance, we accomplished all this in one very productive day, and with excellent results.”

Health Laboratory Sciences Business, Executive Director of Human Resources

Tangible processes and tools…

“Investing in strengthening my leadership skills is the best investment I have ever made.  I am more confident in managing my organization.  Dr. Jay Roundy gave me tangible processes and tools to move the company forward.”

Health and Wellness Organization, President and CEO

Trainings provide concepts and tools…

“Your leadership trainings provided the concepts and tools for becoming an effective manager and leader.  I have been able to enhance the motivation and effectiveness of individuals and positively impact the morale and cultural climate of operating units.  The articulation of mission, vision, and values, the modeling of respect and integrity along with clear and honest communication were hallmarks of your teachings.”

Managed Care Executive

Creates an environment of confidence…

“Dr. Jay Roundy provided recommendations that resulted in the formulation of an improvement strategy that promoted a more organized operating structure.  He was able to create an environment of confidence among our membership so that the findings and recommendations could be effectively implemented.”

Community Service Organization, President


‘‘Performance Plus helped me learn how to deal with less than perfect results and let go of them so I can do better on my next opportunity. I am now much more confident that I can prepare myself mentally in order to perform my best physically.”



‘‘Performance Plus helped teach me how to set productive goals, maintain a positive mental outlook, and develop a personal highlight reel. These techniques have helped me rediscover how to have fun playing volleyball. My coaches and teammates have all noticed that I’ve been more confident and haven’t been dwelling on my mistakes.”




‘‘I would like to thank P2 Performance Plus for helping me throughout my high school athletic career. The coaches have pushed me continuously to make me a better athlete. They have instilled a work ethic within me that will help me succeed throughout college. The P2 strength and conditioning program, which incorporates Crossover Symmetry, has increased my pitching velocity and helped me get in better shape. I am eager to continue working out at P2 and am thankful for everything this gym has done for me.”



‘‘Ever since I started training at Performance Plus I feel stronger and more explosive. I am also in the best playing condition that I have ever been in. My pitching velocity has increased and I have been hitting the ball with much more consistent power as a result of the huge increase in bat speed. Performance Plus has helped, and will continue to help me, take my performance to the next level – specifically my D1 College Softball career!”



‘‘Thanks to everyone at P2 Performance Plus for helping me take my offseason training to the next level.”



‘‘I want to thank Performance Plus for allowing me to utilize their facility to help keep me in shape and get ready for the season. Their welcome atmosphere and great staff made me look forward to working out everyday.”



‘‘I want to thank Performance Plus for helping me improve my performance in both football and baseball during my high school years as well as preparing me as I pursue both sports at the college level. The value of the Performance Plus approach to training and development are unmatched and will be of benefit to anyone who works with them.”



‘‘The coaches of Performance Plus have the knowledge it takes to help players reach the highest level of performance in baseball. The coaches have been helping me to be the best I can be. Thanks to them I have realized what I can do and I have reached the highest level of confidence I have ever had.”



‘‘I cannot thank Performance Plus enough. I have learned so many things during the last two years of training. I have learned the importance of strength training as a critical part of improving as a baseball player. In addition, they helped me understand how critical a good work ethic is to achieving success. P2’s focus on having a positive mental attitude – both on and off the field – have been integral to the accomplishments I realized during the last two years of my high school career. And I know that this will continue to help as I continue as a student athlete. I have learned huge lessons from my time at Performance Plus – hard work really does pay off.”



‘‘My experience at P2 Performance Plus has been very positive. So much so, I consider P2 my second family in a way. I’ve been training at Performance Plus for 3 years in their Hitting For Power Program and have seen tremendous gains. These gains have been not only in my size and strength, but most importantly my performance on the baseball field. From last year, my Junior year, to this year, my Senior year, I have put on 25lbs of muscle and went from hitting 0 home runs to hitting 7. The combination of P2’s amazing facilities and highly trained staff- THAT ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOU- the possibilities are limitless. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the help of my P2 family.”



‘‘After 15 years of gymnastics training, it seemed as though I should have my skills mastered and be able to deliver at competitions on demand. As I progressed in my physical abilities, however, I realized that the mental – focus side of high level athletics can often be even more demanding. Coach Jay at Performance Plus helped me to channel my focus and create a mental strategy that allowed me to execute the physical skills I trained so hard for – when it counted – when the judges were watching. I credit Performance Plus and Coach Jay for helping me take my gymnastics career to the next level. As I get ready to realize a longstanding dream of being a collegiate student-athlete – I know that years of hard work were required. More importantly, however, were blessings from God and the belief and dedication of my coaches at Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics and Performance Plus to fulfill my dream. Without your coaching, mentorship, and belief in me, I would have never reached my potential. Thank You!”



‘‘Performance Plus is a one of a kind facility. The coaches and trainers care very deeply about the development of their athletes. I was lucky enough to work with P2 in all of the disciplines they specialize in. I benefitted enormously by combining their strength program, skill training, and mental toughness training. Performance Plus is an important part of my success and crucial to my ability to take my game to the next level. If you believe in the coaches at P2 they will make you the best overall athlete that you are capable of being.”



‘‘Performance Plus has not only changed the way I view the game of baseball, but also changed the way I view myself as a baseball player. I moved from Boise Idaho to Chandler Arizona for two months in order to maximize my playing potential and take my game to the next level. The coaches at Performance Plus put me on a program to specifically do just this. The program was 6 days a week that focused on defense and hitting which was complimented by a custom designed strength and speed program. This work all came together and was supported by the mental toughness training – this was the most important part of my work with Performance Plus. Two – three times a week I would meet with the mental performance coach which resulted in a mental plan that works specifically for me. This plan has already led me to believe in myself with full confidence that has been instilled in me by all the Performance plus coaches and most importantly MYSELF. Every workout, every task, every practice, is now approached and executed with a purpose and the results are outstanding. I have gained 15 solid pounds in 2 months while increasing my speed, hitting and defensive ability, as well as the having the right mind set to put me in the best position to be successful. Coming to Performance Plus has changed me as a player and as a person. I am grateful for the assistance Performance Plus provided in helping me secure a place to continue my education and play baseball. I am committed to Performance Plus for all training and development that I pursue on my own.”